About - Touch Nature
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Inspired & Curious


The journey began in 1982 when my beautiful wife, Karen, was pregnant with our first child Joshwa. We were members of the Organic Soil Association before the word ‘organic’ had even appeared in the dictionary – well almost. One of the Association’s members had made a Tipi to stay in on his honeymoon. Inspired and curious, with ‘I could live inside a Tipi’ (Neil Young, ‘Sail Away’, 1979) ringing in my ears, I went to Wits University’s reference library and discovered a book that had a detailed Sioux Tipi pattern among its gripping pages.

Without a second thought, I ordered a bolt of cotton canvas and began to carefully cut out our first Tipi on my cousin’s new tennis court in Johannesburg. With the skilful help of Mr September (in the month of October), we began sewing our first Tipi. With enthusiasm for a nomadic life, we packed our new Tipi, our beautiful Belgian Shepherd and few possessions into the back of a Ford Escort panel van and headed for Cape Town. Equipped with a selection of ‘hand picked’, seven-metre Tipi poles strapped to the roof of the van, we moved our shared lives to Hawequas Farm to co-create a Holistic Healing Centre. The centre was established among a colourful collection of beautiful people. Some wore clothes and others not. One chap wore only his home-dyed Sanjassen coloured underpants (on his head); I never thought to ask him why – it didn’t matter.

When Josh, our firstborn was due, the midwife refused to travel the farm roads for the birth, so we moved to Paarl and it was there that he was born, as was our Sacred Arrow Tipis business. That is how it all began.

As the business grew, so did our family. Along came two more glorious children, Keziah and Josiah, both of whom contribute in creative, practical ways to the business, bringing their warmth and expertise. Thirty-three years later, we hold true to our motto of ‘stepping lightly on the earth’ and our wish to share with others our enjoyment of ‘time out’ in Nature.

Touch Nature Tenting has expanded from our well-loved Sacred Arrow Tipi’s to include an Adventure Tent and a Prospector Tent, but we have never deviated from our original ethos of quality and natural materials – 100% cotton canvas, leather and wood.

We invite you to become part of the family of Tipi dwellers, explorers, adventurers and nomads, seeking out that extra ‘room’ in life – be it a healing space, love nest, cocoon to retreat to, bohemian-spirited party marquee or fundamental tent in which to rough it under the galaxies. There is no better way to embrace nature than to be truly present in each rare environment – to lie back and let it all in. All of our tents are specially designed to allow you to do just that. Here’s to making the journey count.