tent care


Planning is important before setting off on your new adventure, which is why we have put together some very important guidelines for you.




Before setting off on a new adventure set your tent up and spray it thoroughly with water. This will make sure that the cotton thread binding the seams swells and helps prevent leakage through the seams. If you’ve got a spare minute, do this process a few more times. You can also use a seam sealant or beeswax as an extra measure.

Allow your tent to dry completely before you pack it away after every adventure. This will make sure that mildew doesn’t form. (Although the fabric is treated with a mildew inhibitor, no natural fabric is completely mildew-proof.)

Secure your tent properly when pitching it. You don’t want strong winds to cause unnecessary nonsense with your tent home.

Pre-adventure check: make sure that you have all the bits and pieces for your tent before you leave on your trip.

Make sure your tent is completely clean and dry before packing it away.



Don’t store your tent on a concrete floor. Shame, it’s cold and damp!

Don’t be silly and pitch your tent near an open fire.

Never spray your tent with insecticide.

Don’t store your tent in a damp state. We don’t want to invite Mr and Mrs Mildew to visit.

Don’t wash your tent with a detergent. Rather try brush the dirt off with a soft broom or wash with warm water.

Never pitch your tent under a tree which may drop sap or gum. These can stain the fabric and damage its waterproofing.


When preparing for an adventure, pitch your tent fully at home, using our fantastic instruction manual provided, this will help you make sure that your tent is undamaged, none of its sections or accessories are missing and because as we all know “practice makes perfect.”

Refer to your checklist before setting off making sure that nothing is left behind.

Attend to any repairs on your tent.


Choose the best dry and level place in which to camp.
If you choose a level spot on a small hill this will help prevent your tent from being swamped in a rainstorm. Who wants that?

Prepare the ground by removing all sharp rocks, sticks etc. which could damage the groundsheet.

First lay down a groundsheet to form a buffer between your tent floor and the ground. This helps to keep your tent clean and prevents damage to the tent floor.



A properly cared for tent will not need to be re-waterproofed.
However, if it does become necessary, use a waterproofing agent recommended by a specialist dealer.

Coastal Camping
When you return home from your great adventure, rinse all metal poles, pegs, and any other metal parts to prevent corrosion. Dry them well.

Sponge the stained area lightly. Do not use a scrubbing brush or any form
of detergent, as these may affect the tent’s waterproofing.

Avoiding mold
Make sure your tent is able dry out fully each day! Keep your Bell tent or Adventure tent windows and doors open when possible. This will help with ventilation and the drying out of the tent. After it rains make sure to gently shake canvas so left over droplets roll off the tent.

Touch Nature Slow Camping (Pty) Ltd has taken every care in providing you with a great outdoor experience however takes no responsibility of injury during and after the setup of your tent.

Our goal is always to manufacture and produce the absolute best quality canvas tents possible, using local fabric and suppliers. The warranty we provide covers manufacture defects only. Return requests must be submitted no later than 1 month (30 days) after original purchase.

The return policy does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, neglect, unreasonable use, mildew or rotting, colour fading or wind action. Before returning your tent for repair, ensure that is completely clean and dry. All costs associated with getting the tent to us are at the expense of the customer.

Please send us an email to info@touchnature.co.za in this order:

Subject: “your name” + “tent type” + “issue”

Your name, surname and contact details
Photo of defect
Short description of damage/issue
Proof of purchase

*Please note that all courier costs for return or repair shall be at the expense of the customer.

* Please note the 65% deposit on all tent orders is non-refundable. As we make to order, it’s vital as a small business to cover our costs. We hope you understand.